“Branding” Every marketing manager swears by this word but only few are true brand managers, those are the ones which take custody of their brands. These brand custodians, really understand what a brand strategy is all about and how that is going to impact the balance sheet.

They have the capability to align their creative agency to the company’s goals. Empower them with rich and relevant information, from which insights can be developed and transformed into meaningful communications.

A brand development agency can be different from an advertising agency, and one need to identify the correct agency as per their goals. Often many agencies may have experience in either of but not both which may hamper the clients growth.

The Corporate communication team of any organisation must look in for those agencies which match and understand their business goals and understand the market equally or rather more.

On the other side agencies too need to align themselves fast and see where they would fit in between the top line and bottom-line.

IF you don’t fit anywhere it’s time to quit .


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