Brand Differentiation

Brand Differentiation 

Over the years.. I have been listening to by business owner friends that there is no differentiation, I sell what the world sells. In such a scenario only price cutting is perceived to be the solution. Moreover I feel the word “differentiation” is understood with regards only the products and not a “Brand”.

Even in products, you can play a lot :

Enhancing the Core Value, Design, Quality, Attributes, Benefits, Packaging Functionality or the Features the list would go on ..

What equally important is how you communicate them . A lot of companies, products may have and possess the uniqueness but they are not translated as they should be

( IF a simple “ toothpaste” brand with core value : cleaning can add many dimensions to the product itself and the communication as well , I am sure there is lot of to learn here, and yes don’t take FMCG word for the sake and say mine is  an industrial and technology product , serious buyers .. I have seen Healthcare companies (Including whom I work) translating a simple feature into an added advantage, or have added a simple but new dimension to the way a drug ( the client is into animal healthcare )is delivered ( again a brilliant strategy)

You can achieve Differentiation in the way it’s sold, the way its distributed ..

(I had a client in industrial cooling solutions who used to Sell HUGE Air Conditioning machines with high initial investments .. they added the Rental Solutions which was a brilliant move and then probably they would start leasing..) Irrespective of the industry segment even the platforms / distribution channel and how you sell can differentiate you

(See the transition for few technology products.. from products to solutions services .. Tomorrow it would be different.(Many of the clients I worked have benefited from the solution approach than product and even vice versa can happen)

The Marketing and Advertising has surely immense role in not only translating your “differentiation but has the power to turn the whole “Brand”. At least here my business friends should not debate much. How you position would diffriciate you from others

If some find it too difficult, at least one can create a “Service differentiation” if not anything else Even then , if you can’t compete by giving the best of service

I am sure the least but not the last You can make the experience a truly differentiated one,which only you can only do .Because everyone would have unique experiences, memories and perceptions   

Keep Differentiating!


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