Spirit Training Institute

Spirit offers spoken English courses in western Maharashtra.  The market was   very nascent and the need to translate the benefits at grass root level was necessary to mobilize the students as well as the parents.  The challenge was to develop the entire brand and make it reach to the right audience.

Our Solution

We started with extensive market research and understanding the pen profiles. On finding the required insights we further developed the product and improved the brand positioning. The entire Products were packaged and promoted through innovative communication throughout the years.

Campaigns based on the research were highly effective in getting the admissions, and the positioning helped in selling at premium and increasing the ticket size. With marginal increase in student enrolments at a much lower acquisition costs we supported the brand to elevate the experience journey to make it stronger and sustainable

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Communication
  • Product Development
  • Market Research
  • Methodology
  • Advertisement and Promotion
  • Activations
  • Rural Promotion
  • Admission Campaigns
  • Ambiance design