Prathmesh Jewellers

Instrumental in repositioning the traditional jeweller with respect to the changing market. Revamped the whole Identity and positioned them in better perspective. Not only the visual identity, but even the experience was elevated which increased in customer happiness. Planned reached out campaigns were designed which were able to garner more clients from the catchment area.

The strategy backed with effective communication both internally and externally resulted in Increasing the ticket size, making charges, customer base, loyalty and reduction in customer acquisition cost, amongst other tangible results. We also helped the brand to expand in other potential market and diversify into niche offering as well

Our ScopeĀ 

  • Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Communication
  • Corporate Identity
  • Consumer offers
  • Market Expansion
  • Training
  • Policy Setting
  • Market Research
  • Advertisement and Promotion
  • Rural Promotion
  • Ambiance Design