Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

For a brand  to lead and to be in front  in all its sense it really needs to be in the back of the mind of the consumer always . literally if back of the mind is  something you intend to do, but you are not actively thinking about it, the first step is to be there . Even raising intentions takes an effort and investment. So do you require to be in front of the eyes to be at the back of the mind ?. Yes the journey is a indefinite loop , which needs to be understood . How as a brand we are able register in the minds and how as product we communicate , visible and are perceived would decide the iterations . The journey from back and front and from front to back , both are complimentary to each other and are equally important in developing a good brand .

So summing up , to be in the front you need to be at the back , and to be at the back you need to be in the front .

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