Ant Logistics



The company use to offer transportation services to the automobile sector for many years, growing competition, declining margins and non-differentiated services made it more challenging. The client wanted to carve a niche into automotive logistics and reach out to potential audience with a new focussed approach and specialized solutions . It demanded a strong brand identity which would match the company’s philosophy and reposition the company with respect to the new target audience.

Our Solution

Automotive logistic market is no less than an ant colony, big, complex, decentralized and sensitive which needs a robust and intelligent logistic system.
Ants apart from discipline, strength and teamwork have taught the logistic Industry much more, from efficient route Optimization, warehousing, storing or intelligent flow of information, these micro entities have indeed inspired the whole logistics and Transportation industry.
No other Brand name than “Ant Logistics “would have matched.

Our Scope 

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Web Presence
  • Presentations